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Mazesplace Electrifying Maze

Traffic Jam

Mazesplace Traffic Jam Maze

Right Angles

Mazesplace Right Angles Maze

Barbed Wire

Mazesplace Barbed Wire Maze

Fine Lines

Mazesplace Fine Lines Maze

A Question of Angles

Mazesplace A Question of Angles Maze

Inside the Brain

Mazesplace Inside the Brain Maze


Mazesplace Pipeline Maze

Solder On

Mazesplace Solder On Maze

Flower Tangle

Mazesplace Flower_Tangle Maze

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The passion for creating new things from scratch is what fascinated me about mazes and was the drive for creating them. Each maze is unique in its design and factuality, which makes this collection one of a kind. If you want to know when more mazes (or their solutions) are released, please subscribe to the newsletter.

For any questions please contact me, I would love to help. The mazes are free to download for personal use, enjoy!

Zvi Karp

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